Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Keeping Lance

Keeping Lance is Part Two of the Taking Lance series.

Rick Preston has been hooking up with his former stepson on and off for three years. Rick is almost forty-three and Lance has just turned twenty-one. It's just sex, right? Wrong. Somewhere along the way real feelings become involved and Rick has to either decide to move forward with the much younger man or take a step back and allow Lance to be happy with someone his own age. Throw in Rick's girlfriend, Lance's former boyfriend, and a couple of others who try their damndest to keep the two men apart, and Lance and Rick must fight like hell to finally find their happily-ever After.

MM, MF, MMF, Bi-Erotica, Older Man/Younger Man, Stepfather/Stepson

Approximately 85 pages.

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