Saturday, August 30, 2014

Internet Woes and Playing Catch-Up

At around noon on Monday my internet died. We all have phones with internet these days, so no big deal, right? Wrong. I live in the middle of nowhere where my cell signal sucks. It's a running joke with my friend that I have to walk out to the middle of my front yard, bounce on one foot and wave my arms around to have a signal to place a call. It's not that bad but it's pretty close. I love living in the country until there are internet issues. Then I'm cussing my location like you wouldn't believe. It turned out the problem we thought was the internet provider's issue was, in fact, an us issue. A quick switch of modems and we're all good now.

My apologies to all who have contacted me this week who I haven't responded back to yet. I promise to respond to every message as soon as I can play catch-up a bit. The same applies to Twitter and other social media. I haven't intentionally ignored anyone, promise.

The only good thing that came out of my internet woes was that I dug out a WIP from months ago that I had written a whopping 300 words on and abandoned. I figured I'd play with it a bit and see where it would take me. This was Monday afternoon. As of Friday evening (when I finally pulled myself away from it) I had typed 32,925 words (total) and all that's left to type of the first draft is the final scene. It's been awhile since a story came to me like that one so I'm really thrilled with it.  I will hopefully have the first draft completed before the weekend is over. This is one that will definitely be published at some point, though it takes me awhile to get a story where I'm fully good with it to be put out there. More on that another time. Suffice it to say that for me to type that many words on one story in a matter of days proves that I've done little else this week other than write. I am always on the internet doing something, so for me to have so long with next to zero access was not a good thing. Trust me when I say it was a damn good thing (for my family at least) that those characters wouldn't shut up. I tend to get cranky when technology doesn't cooperate.

I finally made the decision to pull both Lance stories from Smashwords and go with Kindle Select. I hate being exclusive to one site, but after a bit of researching and checking my stats on Smashwords and its affiliates, I knew it would be the best thing for me to do. I am not a fan of change (when it applies to me) so it was really hard for me to hit the unpublish links on both books on there. I did finally do it earlier. Now I wait ... and wait ... and wait ... for the books to come down from the affiliate sites so I can switch from KDP to Select.

I created a Facebook author page and had to walk away from it when my internet went screwy. I hope to get back to it when everything else gets caught up. There's not much to see at the moment but I'll start posting regularly soon. Check it out by clicking the link on the right of this post and I'd be a very happy author if you like my page. 

Today is the day folks in my neck of the woods look forward to every year - college football starts! Oh, it officially started a couple of days ago, but my Alabama team didn't play until today. We won 33 to 23, but it wasn't a pretty win. I guess we'll take what we can get right now. We southerners use college football as an excuse to eat things we shouldn't be eating and we drink a wee bit more alcohol that we normally would. I am a margarita girl normally but we did the Mexican food thing last night so I wanted to go with something different for the first 'Bama game of the season. I decided to make banana daiquiris with clear rum. They would have been really good had my blender not suddenly gone berzerk and decided to throw sticky banana stuff all over my kitchen. My husband thought it was hilarious, and I did too after awhile, but it was a bitch to clean up. I think I'll stick with my usual margaritas on the rocks next go 'round.

I hope everyone had a fantastic week and that great things are planned for the weekend. If you celebrate it, I hope you have a wonderful Labor Day. Stay safe.

Until next time.



  1. You now have a new drink, the Sticky Banana. It sounds...interesting :)

    I think everyone has bad phone reception don't they, boonies or not? Mm, maybe not one legged arm waving though.

    That guy is so hot please do write about him, soon :D

  2. The hot guy has been written about. I'm waiting on my editor's thoughts. She may end up hating it and if she does, that's okay. He'll still get his story someday. He's gorgeous. ;)