Saturday, August 23, 2014

Writing, Some Thank Yous, Review Copies, and Other

Wow, what a week. Very busy. More than a bit overwhelming, but I got through it.

I put a lot of things in the real world to the side while I focused on trying to get some writing done. When I'm in writing mode, I can't focus on much else. Putting that stuff to the side wasn't smart on my part, but I had to take a slight step back for a bit. Now, I'm trying to play catch-up. 

I did manage to get around 18,000 words written of the third Taking Lance story, so that's a big plus. The story had already been almost completely written awhile back but I was very unhappy with it, so I'm doing a major redo and adding the old stuff that's important and then new stuff. I'm (finally) good with the way it's coming together so hopefully I'll at least have a good first draft completed in a day or so. When I'm done, it should come in at around 35,000 words total, about 3,000 more than the second in the series.
Just because...

Coming up with a title for this one has been a nightmare. Taking Lance was easy because it was about well, taking Lance. Keeping was easy as well. But this one is about two different characters - Travis and Marc - so, not so easy. I want to stick with the two word title (it's kind of a theme with this series) so I've gone back and forth (with some not-so-much-help from my man, who is clueless). I didn't want to have a title with another character name in it but I'm leaning toward Saving Travis or something along those lines. It really is about saving the man, who has been to hell and back and is trying to find his way. Marc's name won't even be considered for the title, though he played a bigger part in the 2nd story than Travis did. For those who read the story when it's published, you'll understand why. Nothing against Marc (okay, that's a lie, he was an ass in Keeping Lance) but Travis is broken and I want his name to be front and center.... if I go with a title that includes a name. He's one of those special characters who an author creates and wants to protect. All authors will understand what I mean by that statement.

If you read Keeping Lance, you'll remember Travis as being the sweet young man Rick had sex with during his rowdy night out when he was trying to get over Lance. There was Travis... and Karen... and Aaron.... yep, all at the same time. Rick Preston got busy that night. ;) 

I got a nice compliment from another author on Keeping Lance, and I have to say that really made my week. This person had read the first one way back when and only recently read the second. They went out of their way to tell me their kind thoughts. This person has a talent that is rare, so to hear they liked my little stories really puffed me up a bit. Okay, more than a bit.

Also, I want to give a shout-out to Ksm, for the great ratings (4 and 5 stars) of both of my stories on Goodreads. Seeing that a few days ago thrilled me like you wouldn't believe. I don't ever wish to embarrass anyone by calling them out, but I had to give you a huge thank you... so thank you! When I finish Travis and Marc's story (I promise it will happen... eventually) and if you're interested, I would love to send you a copy when it's published as a thank you. If you hate it, that's okay, but when I say it thrilled me to see your ratings, I mean it really thrilled me. If you're interested, you'll be the first person outside of my editor to see the finished product. I tend to ramble a bit on here as I write, so you'll know when I'm close to publishing. It'll be awhile yet, unfortunately.

Since I started typing this post I got my first 2 star rating on Goodreads. Bummer, but I know it goes with the territory. No review, just a rating. Because of that, and because getting people to review bi-erotica is like pulling teeth, if you are LGBT friendly - and don't mind the fact that the sex is between males and females AND two men (and a little menage action as well), the first three people who contact me via this blog, my email (, or on Twitter (a DM, please) who promise a review on Goodreads and/or Amazon, will get a copy of both Taking Lance and Keeping Lance in whatever format you want. Good, bad, indifferent, it doesn't matter, as long as you are willing to type a fair and honest review. If you aren't gay friendly (the books are mostly about two men), they won't work for you.

Not quite Travis, but close.
Yes, he's legal.
The info for both books is all over this site but if you want more information, contact me. 

Updated -

I now have a Facebook author page. It's still a major work in progress, as I'm learning as I go with putting stuff on there. Check it out and I promise to "like" anyone back who likes my sad, little page ;)

Candi Kay's Author Page

I need a Facebook author page. I know this but I've put it off... and kept putting it off. I don't know why, really. It's just one of those things I've said I needed to do but haven't done yet. I'm not wanting to do a personal Candi Kay page but the author page should be happening soon. Once I do, I'll finally be able to "like" all these great people I've recently discovered on Twitter and other social media sites. I'll update on this blog and on Twitter when I finally get off my butt and do it.  

I hope everyone had a fantastic week and that there are great plans for the weekend. Personally, I'm counting down the days until college football starts (7 days!) I shall warn you folks in advance, I'm a huge Alabama Crimson Tide fan, so be prepared. I'll try not to inundate this site (and others) with my 'Bama love, but I tend to get... shall we say.. excited? Yes, I'm totally one of those girls who goes from being a sweet (pfft!) southern belle (*snort*) to being a loud, potty mouth when the boys aren't playing well or when I get angry over a call. I promise to keep my cursing on social media to a minimum. 



In honor of my favorite time of the year ....  

Not 'Bama boys, but seriously, does it matter???


Have a great weekend, all.

Until next time.

~Candi Kay


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