Saturday, September 13, 2014

This and That (#2)

It's been a couple of weeks since I've typed an update on here and I apologize for that. Between almost constant internet issues and real life, I've not been able to before now. I hope everyone is doing well.

A few updates -

Taking Lance and Keeping Lance are both now strictly on Amazon. I hated removing them from other e-tailers, but I had to do what was best for me. If you are enrolled in the Kindle Unlimited program, both of my stories are available for download as part of it. I hope you'll check them out and tell me what you think. I'm hoping (really hoping) to have the 3rd in the series (tentatively titled Saving Travis) published by mid October. That depends on how I feel when I go back into the story again, and of course, my wonderful editor. I may finish it, she may hate it, and then I'll be back to the drawing board, so to speak. This is one of those stories that I had to walk away from several times. If it's not flowing, I can't force it. It's flowing rather well at the moment (I'm actually almost done) so I hope to have at least the first draft tucked away within the week. Another reason I hope to finish it soon is because book #4 is running through my head to the point where I'm about to have to start writing it because it's driving me nuts. Other authors will get what I'm saying when I say this - the characters won't shut up in my head. Howard (an older man, introduced in Travis and Marc's unfinished story) and his partner (Dean) are pretty much saying "Finish their story already and get to ours." 

One thing about me and my writing... I have this major kink for a few things and they usually end up in my stories. I love age differences between the main characters. It can be 10 years or it can be more (like Rick and Lance). I had originally (in Travis and Marc's story) written both Howard and Dean to be in their fifties. Now, I am thinking I must make Dean younger, as in maybe 35 or so? I won't make him too, too young (it wouldn't work for the story) but I want the age difference between him and his man. The second thing is that I totally have this thing for black hair. I'm not saying I don't love blond hair on guys (oh dear God, have you seen Justin Zabinski? If not, Google him... seriously) or brown hair or even red hair, but I have always loved black hair on men and usually it's a bit longer than over their ears (quite a bit longer, actually). So, you may see the black hair in my stories. I write according to my fantasies and long, black hair tends to play into my fantasies... a lot. 

Another thing I have a major kink for, but it hasn't been written into any of my stories yet - men who wear glasses. I could fall at a man's feet if he's wearing glasses. Matt Bomer. I swear that man is perfection. I've joked with authors in the past and told them they must write the perfect character based on him. So far it hasn't happened (that I've read anyway). I may have to write that story myself.

The greatest thing about being able to create these characters is being able to create them based on what I love and totally get off on. So, there will most likely be a substantial age difference (though Marc and Travis are only two years apart) and there may be a main character with black hair (Lance, Marc, Kyle). Another thing I've noticed (and I swear it was totally a fluke) is the fact that I have written 3 stories with guys with nipple rings. Seriously, it was a fluke. Lance and Marc got theirs pierced at the same time so that had to be written into Marc's story too. But the story about Kyle (the gorgeous guy below, and yes, he's been on another post in the past)? Kyle has them. So, hmmm.. apparently I get off on guys with nipple rings as well. Who knew? There is no end to what my perverted mind can come up with and I've got enough story ideas to last me a very long time. ;)

I sent Kyle and Joel's story (not related to the Lance series) to my editor a few days ago. It was a bit different from my norm, so I'm not sure how she'll feel about it. If it's not good enough, it can be worked on until it is or put aside for awhile. I am blessed with an awesome editor who won't let me put out anything other than my best work, so whatever she says goes with anything I write.

I am still waiting on word on another short story I wrote awhile back. It's about one of Santa's elves who is more than a little kinky. That one was a blast to write. One way or another, it will be published somewhere in plenty of time for the holidays. 

Other than finishing up the most recent story, there hasn't been that much going on in my little world. I've gotten hardly any reading done, which is totally unlike me. For someone who always reads anywhere from 3 to 6 books a week, it's been strange walking away from my Kindle for awhile. I'm hoping to play catch-up next week. I seriously have to catch up over the next week because I have gotten so far behind.

I hope everyone is doing well and that you have great plans for the weekend. I am, once again, spending Saturday watching my beloved Crimson Tide play. Two weeks and two wins so far, so I'm hoping for another win today. *fingers crossed*

Until next time.

~ Candi


  1. Ungh, I melt when I see your picture of Kyle. What a babe! And Matt Bomer? Yes please. I'm looking forward to reading about Kyle, yummy.

  2. Kyle is a definite hottie and Matt Bomer? I have no words. Pure perfection in my opinion. :) Hopefully you'll be reading about Kyle soon. Thanks for your comment.