Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Saving Travis: Blurb, Cover, Release Date

I'm thrilled to finally announce the release date of my newest book, Saving Travis. Check out that cover! Isn't it amazing? My thanks to Designs by Dale for somehow taking what was in my head and turning it into exactly what I was looking for. I totally had a squee moment when it was sent to me via email a few days ago. The publication date of Saving Travis (if all goes as planned) will be February 9th. My late sister would've turned 50 on that day. She was a huge advocate for LGBT rights long before she passed away a few years ago. Gay marriage will hopefully officially be legal in my state on that date. What better day to publish my newest gay romance? My sister would be proud, as I am (and forever will be) of her. She always said equality would come to my state. I can't think of a better day than on her birthday for it to happen. For that reason, I chose February 9th as the day to finally release Travis and Marc's story.

Blurb -

Travis Jordan has been running for five years. Now twenty-three, he supports himself the only way he knows how. He gave up dreams of love when he was eighteen and accepted the fact that he'd never be anything more than a paid whore. When Travis meets Marc Parker, he starts to feel things he knows he has no business feeling. Marc feels an instant connection with Travis, but he must make amends for past wrongs before he can attempt any type of relationship. Marc almost destroyed Rick Preston and Lance Scott and he can't move forward until he makes things right. When old enemies start causing trouble, can Travis and Marc band together, put their pasts behind them, and take a chance on love?

Travis and Marc were introduced in Keeping Lance, with Marc playing a major part. Saving Travis can be read as a standalone.

Saving Travis is Part 3 of the Taking Lance series.

Tags: Gay Erotica/Romance, Past Sexual Abuse, Rent Boy

Approximately 44,000 words

It will be available on Amazon and (like the stories before it) will be free to download for Kindle Unlimited subscribers.

Note that while the other stories in the Taking Lance series are bi-erotica, Saving Travis is gay erotica/romance, with emphasis on romance.

Special note to Ksm - You'll be getting an email from me before it's published, as promised.

I've created a Pinterest board for the book and have had entirely too much fun researching photos and GIFS. *grin* I hope you'll check that out as well. You can find it here. Below are a couple of quotes from the book.

A big thank you to everyone who has taken the time to read what I've written and to those who have asked me when Saving Travis will be published. I hope you enjoy Travis and Marc's story and believe it was worth the wait. If you read it, I hope you'll let me know what you think.

To my wonderful editor who must have been pulling her hair out every single time I mentioned this book - thank you for your patience and for not once saying "Scrap it already." You know how much I appreciate you, but I want everyone else to know as well. :)

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  1. That cover and that gif are hot!! I'm can't wait for Saving Travis.