Friday, April 1, 2016

New Site. New Book. A Freebie. Lots of Changes Coming!

In previous blog posts I've mentioned wanting to revamp this site. I tried. Really! I'd pop on here and start working on changes but then I'd get frustrated. Blogger has been great but I've been wanting to switch over to WordPress for awhile now. I didn't because I was waiting on the domain I wanted to become available before I made any major changes. On and off for the past two years I've checked to see if the domain was available only to be told it wasn't. Last week I checked again and FINALLY it was.

The domain?

Candi Kay is my brand and I'd refused to settle for anything but that particular domain. I was like a kid when it finally became available.

I couldn't buy it fast enough. Not just buy it, but I also purchased a year of hosting for WordPress. I've been involved with 3 WP sites over the past few years but I'd never created one from scratch. After a bit of cursing -*I'm looking at you, GoDaddy* - and research I was finally able to get the site created to my satisfaction. 

It will go live on April 5th. 

April 5th is a special day for another reason. On April 5th, 2014 I published my first story, Taking Lance. On top of doing something special for my publishing anniversary with the series, I figured it was the perfect day to unveil my new website.

So, what does that mean to my followers? 

I hope it means that you will follow me to the new site. All you'll have to do (once the site is made public) is fill out the 2 small boxes (name and email address) on the bottom, hit "Follow by Email" and follow the prompts in your email. I'll never spam you and if you've followed me to now you know I don't do a lot of posts so your inbox won't be overloaded. However, I have made a promise to myself to post more this year so you may get one a week, or bi-weekly at least. 

If you follow me at I'll also give you an e-book of your choice from my catalog. You'll have to let me know which one and what format. I may be tech savvy but I've yet to set up an automatic newsletter that gives readers the option of downloading freebies for subscribing. Maybe that'll happen someday. One thing at a time, right? ;) We'll work on the particulars when the site goes live.

I've published 9 stories to date (10, if you include the upcoming 'Lance' story.. see below) so you have a few to choose from. From gay erotica/romance, to bi-erotica, to even heterosexual erotica, I hope I've published something you're interested in reading.

May change slightly before publication.
This site will be kept active after the 5th, but I won't be posting anything new outside of info when the new one goes live.

Also, to celebrate my publishing anniversary I'll be marking all of my books down to half price from April 5th through April 9th, with the exception of the 3 that are .99 (Being Karen, The Guy in the Coffee Shop, My Son's Girl & My Son's Friends) on ARe only. There will also, once I finish the editing process, be a new addition to the Taking Lance series, titled Trusting Lance. At the moment I'm unsure of the exact publishing date but it'll be very soon. It was kind of a last minute thing. I wanted to revisit the guys and the story came to me so quick I almost couldn't keep up. This is also good news for those waiting on Finding Alex, the final book in the series. The one thing missing in that story finally clicked as I went back into Rick and Lance's world. 

More info on Finding Alex later. As for Trusting Lance, it's a quickie short (around 15,000 words) that takes place a few months after Saving Travis and two weeks before Rick and Lance are to be married. Rick's old doubts and insecurities about the age difference between him and Lance come back in all their glory. It's up to Lance to show him that he plans to be around forever. 

I will update on here in the upcoming days about Trusting Lance, my publishing anniversary, and more about the new website.

To everyone who has supported me (both online and off) I can't thank you enough. Without you I'd not be doing what I love. I know I've been off the grid a lot over the past few months but I'm back now. There were health issues that pulled me away from everything. Nothing serious, but bad enough where I had to take a step back for a little while. I'm good now. Better than good actually.

I hope everyone is doing well. Again, I'll update here in the coming days.

Until next time,

~Candi Kay

P.S. Special note to Ksm - Because you were one of my first readers - and because I keep my promises - expect an email from me in the coming days in regards to Trusting Lance. :)


  1. omg..... *blushes and grins uncontrollably* :)

    1. Ksm, I am SO glad you saw my little note to you. :) The story is still in editing but it should be good to go in a day or two. I'll send it your way as soon as it's ready.

      Thank you so much for reading the series. I hope you enjoy Trusting Lance.

  2. Looking forward to the new book and the new site. :-)