Friday, February 12, 2016

Eros: Valentine's Day Sale & Giveaway!

To help celebrate the release of my Valentine's Day story, and, well, Valentine's Day, Eros will be 50% off on ARe all day on February 14th! If you've not checked it out yet, that would be the perfect time to do so.

You can find the link here. Remember, the sale is only on Sunday, February 14th, and will only be that price at All Romance Ebooks, not other e-tailers. The price should drop to .99 or $1.00 on Sunday, so check back then.

Blurb -

Eros is the god of love and lust. His only job on Earth is to bring couples together and shoot them with his magical arrows. If he occasionally hooks up with the guys first, what of it? He's all about the lust thing, but love? Not hardly. Not after all the broken relationships he's witnessed throughout his long, immortal life.

After four assignments that he nearly blows because he's quicker to shoot his load than his arrows, Aphrodite gives him a final chance to prove himself. If he fails, he could lose his privileged position among the gods and be eternally banished from the planet he calls home. Confident in his skills, he isn't overly concerned. That is, until he hooks up with the guy he's supposed to shoot for his do-or-die assignment. In the eons he's spent on Earth, he's never felt this way before. Does he risk losing everything he's ever known? Or does he fulfill his duty and walk away from the only love he's ever found?

Also, there's still a giveaway going on at On Top Down Under Book Reviews.

I'll be giving away an e-copy of Eros to one person who comments on the post. There's an excerpt and visuals that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! Thank you to Kazza K for the beautiful (and hot as hell) photos and GIFs and to the site for hosting the giveaway.

You have until midnight (U.S.) on the 14th to pop in and comment. Good luck to all who enter!  The giveaway can be found at the link above or here

Note that the post is NSFW so if you're bothered by naked men or two guys having sex, don't click the link. Really. Don't.

Happy Valentine's Day to all the lovers out there. I know to some it's just another commercial holiday, but to me, it's a very special personal day. I'll be celebrating my wedding anniversary on the 14th so I have to wish my wonderful husband a Happy Valentine's Day and wedding anniversary. It's been a wonderful ride and I can't wait to see where we go from here.

I hope everyone has a kick-ass weekend.

Until next time,

~Candi Kay

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