Monday, January 4, 2016

Goodbye 2015 and Hello 2016!

It's hard to believe another year has come to an end. Where has 2015 gone? It seems like only yesterday we were ringing it in.

2015 has been good to me in a lot of ways. I published Saving Travis, The Guy in the Coffee Shop, My Son's Girl & My Son's Friends and Evan the Virgin Reindeer & His Sexy Buck.

A lot of things happened in my life in 2015. A lot were good. Some turned out to be mistakes and/or learning experiences. I allowed myself to get involved in a project I'll forever regret, but it taught me to be more careful with who I allow into my world (online and off). I've interacted with some amazing authors and fans who I'd never have 'met' had I not published my first story way back in April of 2014. All in all, 2015 was a pretty good year and I'm looking forward to seeing what happens in 2016.

So, what's in store for 2016? A lot of things, really.

My Goals for 2016 -

Finding Alex - I want to finally put the Taking Lance series to bed. I've walked away from the final story in the series because I wasn't in the right frame of mind to end it the way I wanted to.

Just Friends - Gay friends-to-lovers story.

An Unlikely Romance - Gay romance with a bit of a rent boy twist.

Eros Inspiration
Eros - To be published over the next week or two. This is a Valentine type story that's a contemporary retelling of the Greek mythological story of Eros and Psyche. It's also a gay romance and it should be noted VERY STRONGLY that this story was based very loosely on the actual myth.

If you've read my two Christmas stories, you know that I tend to rewrite things (re: the North Pole in that series) according to what's in my little brain and not what we know. Expect that with Eros, only without as much silliness. I'm fairly positive you'll love my Aphrodite as much as I do. *grin*

I'll post more info when I get closer to publishing it.

Untitled College Series -

The first one is written and needs to be polished. It's about an eighteen-year-old guy who only cares about losing his virginity. I wouldn't call this much more than gay erotica, with a hint of what could happen later (in regards to a romance). There's no HEA and there's only a hint of what could come later with another character who is briefly introduced. Don't go into this one expecting anything more than a lot of gay sex involving multiple players (sometimes at once).

The second one goes back in time a bit with a professor and it tells his story. It's bi-erotica, but it's also a bit of a gay romance. If you don't like hetero sex in your stories, this one won't be for you at all. The entire first half involves the man spending a lot of time in bed with women. He's bisexual and there are man-on-man encounters too, but until the second half it's mostly him doing anyone and everyone, regardless of the genders.

I hope to add more stories to this series over time, with each one centering around a fictitious university and new characters. Some will be gay romance, some will be straight romance, some will be lesbian or bi romance. Hell, some will be (like the first one) strictly erotica with zero romance. It all depends on how I feel when I'm writing each particular story.

My Father's Wife - This was written and cleaned up several months ago. I've held off on publishing it because I wanted to focus on Evan and Derek's story. It's about a young man who just wants to get laid. He hires a high-priced call girl (via an online service) as an eighteenth birthday present to himself. When she shows up, it turns out to be someone he knows very well. This is hetero erotica with no romance at all. While it's in the same world (in a sense) as My Son's Girl & My Son's Friends, it has different characters and a different setting. It'll be published in the coming weeks.

Another Series -

For the past few weeks I've had this story idea bugging me. No matter what I was writing or doing, I kept going back to it. Like the college stories (mentioned above) this series will focus on different characters and scenarios, with only one common factor - the company that brings them together. I will also be going back and forth in regards to genre. You won't have to read one to understand another or anything like that. Each story will be brand new, with brand new characters - again, with the exception of the company I mentioned. I have a series title for it and I've been working on a logo for the 'brand' (so to speak). The first story is almost complete, but I'll hold off on doing anything with it until I'm 100% sure on the players who work for the company. Things tend to change as I write so I don't want to regret something I put in #1 when I write #2 and beyond. I hope that makes sense.

And on
Book #3 in the Willy the Kinky Elf & His Bad-Ass Reindeer World -

It's common knowledge that Willy and Randy's story was written as a one-time deal. It wasn't written as the beginning of a series and there was no plan to make it one. That changed, obviously, with Evan the Virgin Reindeer & His Sexy Buck. Being asked to write a 3rd story in that world was (as I said in a recent blog post) the ultimate compliment. I won't start writing the third installment for a few months, but it's pretty much laid out in my head from beginning to middle to end already. Surprisingly, I even have a title for it (that I won't be making public yet as it may change).

If things go as planned, this will be Blake's story. If you read 'Evan' you know that Blake was the bad guy in that one. He wasn't meant to have his own story, EVER. A little nudge from an author friend changed that so we'll see how it plays out.

The Cute Elf & His Mall Santa -

A gay romance that was meant to be published for Christmas of 2015. It didn't happen for a variety of reasons. It will definitely be published in November of 2016 for the upcoming holiday.


I've said before that I'm always writing something. I know I've been slow about publishing over the past year, but I've had a lot of these stories ready to go for quite some time. Eros was actually written in January of 2015, but I didn't publish it because I never could've gotten it edited before Valentine's Day. It also helps me to walk away for sometimes weeks at a time and go back into stories later. I'm able to see things I missed the first time around and make changes as needed.

If you've not figured it out by now, I seriously suck at putting myself out there. For that reason, I'm even more thankful every time someone reads something I've written. Just bear with me during 2016 as I figure out a way to balance what's what.

It should also be noted that I plan to be more active on social media during 2016. I allowed a couple of things to knock me back a few months ago when I'd been heavily involved before that. Find me on Twitter, Goodreads, Facebook and Pinterest. All the links are on the right. Unless I'm being asked for boob pics (seriously... you'd be surprised) I always respond back to messages pretty quickly. I also love getting emails from readers, so don't be shy. Really!

If you celebrate Christmas, I hope it was a wonderful one. I spent mine doing all the crazy things I do every year. It was very nice. New Year's Eve was spent watching my beloved Alabama Crimson Tide kick some Spartan butt (my apologies to all Spartan fans...). We now advance to the National Championship game against Clemson on January 11th. If we play like we did on NYE, we should do okay.

Happy 2016 to you all!

Until next time,

~Candi Kay

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  1. Wow. Without sounding like it's online ordering I'll take 1 Eros to go and the woman on the cover of My Father's Wife too. ;) I cant wait til some of these books come out.